The Serpent’s Shadow by Daniel Braum

I was given a free copy of this for my honest review. The Serpent’s Shadow takes place at a vacation resort in Cancun, Mexico. It is told in first person by David, an 18-year-old college student who, with his sister and parents are vacationing. David and his sister, Regina, sneak out at night to hit the clubs. While doing so they meet Anne Marie who is also vacationing there.

They hit it off in a way that one might criticize as insta-love, including myself, but Braum handles this very well by using Anne Marie’s incredible beauty as a strong motivation for David’s falling for her. She seems pretty smitten with him as well. It is how the young ones tend to act, so it didn’t hamper my suspension of disbelief at all.

Things get pretty weird when they leave the resort together one day to investigate an old Mayan pyramid and a cult of Mayans practicing the old arts, so to speak. Through a cab driver they learn of a secret war between the Mayans and Mexican over an ancient power that holds the potential to destroy humanity, and David has found himself stuck in the middle of its dark and strange depths.

The Serpent’s Shadow is a fun romp through Cancun and Mayan culture. It’s weird and manages to remind me what it was like as teenager. I recommend this one as it’s short and goes by quickly, but what solidified my enjoyment of this one were the characters, especially of David and Anne Marie.

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