I Suck

I have built two pretty good and successful blogs in my time. They are for the podcasts I’ve created, Darkness Dwells and Fuzz of Doom.

So then why do I suck so nuch at creating content for just me as a writer and podcaster?

I don’t blog very often and I want to change that. I think it would be cool to have a place where I can talk family, books, music, my writing, and anything else that’s important to me. An online journal. Just as blogs once were.

So! Wish me luck that don’t suck this time.

Until next time, here is the article I wrote for Darkness Dwells of The 20 Women Horror Writers You Need To Read. It is a flawed list. I regret not putting some big names in there, but next year will bring another February and another Women in Horror month. And perhaps Another 20 Women Horror Writers You Need To Read list.

Also, my thanks to an awesome friend, Michael Schutz, who has been a tremendous force for both The Darkness Dwells Podcast and Blog.